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Hints and tips

At Top Aussie Plumbing Service (TAPS) we strive to help clients wherever possible and minimise their stress. To this end, we are available 24-7 for plumbing emergencies. We are also happy to offer friendly plumbing advice during business hours. Please see some of our tips below.

What to do with leaks and burst pipes

  1. If it’s hot water leaking, turn off the hot water isolation valve on the unit – you will still have cold water.
  2. If the cold water is leaking or there is a burst pipe then turn off the water meter on your council nature strip. Your water meter should always be visible and clear of any obstacles or coverings.
  3. Call TAPS to fix the problem.

Wet season tip

To prevent roof leaks, ensure your gutters are free from leaves and other debris. This will stop the water building up and getting into your roof cavity where it will cause further damage.

Toilet tip

Do you get discolouration at the back of your toilet? If so, it could be that your toilet is overflowing. To check, lift the lid and examine the water level. If it’s above the line there could be a problem with the rubbers leaking. Call TAPS to fix the problem and remove that ugly stain.

Energy efficiency tips

  1. Renew seals and washers on dripping taps. A hot water tap dripping once a second for a day can waste enough hot water for a person.
  2. Replace your old showerhead with AAA rated shower rose and save about 25 per cent of hot water energy. Installing a water efficient showerhead could save you up to 1.5 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year and cut your water use by 20,000 litres per year.
  3. Solarising your existing system can save around 1,450kg of greenhouse gases per year.

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